Suggestions For a Successful Catholic School Mystery Skype

1. Join the project

Add your contact information to the form on the home page.

2. Receive email from Ann Oro inviting you to view the Google Doc and edit the Wiki

Make sure you check your email address. If you do not receive an email, please contact
During the month of December and/or January review the Google Doc and contact a potential partner.
When you go to contact a teacher, please click in column N and type your name.
When you make a match with a teacher and you do not want to make any more matches click in column O and type No More Matches.

3. Once you make a partner match

Find a time to test Skype with your partner teacher. If you have trouble with Skype and your partner agrees, you might try using Google Hangout.
Make sure that you cannot tell your partner's location based on their username or subtitles on the screen.
It is best if you can attach an external microphone to the computer. It will eliminate echos in the class.
Your class may have an easier time hearing their partners if you can attach external speakers to the computer.
Your audio and video will be smoother if you do not have to connect to the Internet in wireless mode.
Decide who will initiate the call.
Decide what you will do once the children determine the school's location. You can be as general (the state) or specific (the county/ the town) as you both agree. Will you share the different types of uniforms the students wear? Will you sing a song together or say a prayer together? Will your class sing a song for the other class? Will your class recite the class' favorite prayer?

4. Prepare your students

You can find support links under Teacher Resources and some files you can download in Support Materials - Downloadable Files.
Assign students jobs.
Find a paper atlas.
Make sure Google Maps or Google Earth is working on a computer, if you choose to have those as job options for your students.
Create a script for the greeters.

5. The day before the Mystery Skype

Test your Internet cable.
Plug in your speakers and microphone.
Gather the atlas and check any websites the students will use.
Charge the camera and video camera. Make sure there is plenty of room on the memory card.

6. The day of the Mystery Skype

Start Skype and sent a chat message that you are ready.
Once both classes have confirmed that they are ready initiate the call.
The Greeter(s) should greet the partner class and introduce the Questioner and Answerer.
The students can take turns asking Yes and No questions with the remaining students performing their jobs.
End the call.

7. After the Mystery Skype

Gather your artifacts: photos, videos, class notes.
Determine what you would like to leave as a reflection of your call.
Go to the 2014-2015 page and click on the link for your class.
Sign on to Wikispaces. If you do not have a Wikispaces id you can create one or ask Ann to give you a guest id.
Edit your class page and add a class reflect. It can be text and/or include photos or links to video if both classes had permission to do so.