Mystery Skype Reflection

Serra Catholic School

This was my first Mystery Skype, with Moira Foltz from St. Joseph Catholic School in Fayeteville, Arkansas. I found it to be a rewarding experience for both me and my students. My fourth graders had a wonderful time. In fact they keep asking me when they can do it again! My students were completely engaged and on task the entire time. I let them choose which questions to ask, and they did a great job answering the other school's questions and following up with relevant and logical questions and responses.

Both groups of students started with direction questions first - Are you east/west of the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Mississippi River? Then they moved on to border questions - Do you border the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Mexico? The use of post-it notes on the large pull-down map was useful in eliminating states right from the start. Both groups of students were able to narrow down the actual state fairly quickly this way, but figuring out the city was a bit more challenging. I had two students logged into Google Maps on our classroom computers which helped out here, as my students are not familiar with the state of Arkansas.

It would be fun to Skype with this same class again and find out more about the students and their school. We didn't have an opportunity to learn much about each other - except that both classes were dressed up for the day - my class in super hero clothing and the other class in their pajamas to celebrate CSW! When the students in Arkansas learned we are close to Disneyland they all went "Lucky!" in unison. My class enjoyed that.

Here is a link l posted on my school's teacher web page that shows a few pictures taken the day of the Mystery Skype: